Bridgeman embarked on an initiative to broaden its product offerings for current clients while also reaching out to a wider audience of designers and creatives, aiming to enhance brand visibility. The project's centerpiece was the development of a Figma app, offering a curated selection of both free and premium images for integration into various design projects.

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The goal was to leverage this app as a tool to enrich Bridgeman's engagement with the design community, providing a seamless way for designers and clients to incorporate high-quality images into their workflows directly within Figma.

My Role and Contributions:

  • Lean UX Approach: Given the tight timeframe of just two weeks to roll out a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), I employed a Lean UX methodology. This approach enabled us to rapidly iterate on the app's design and functionality, focusing on delivering value to users while remaining adaptable to feedback and evolving requirements.
  • UX Prototyping and User Research: I initiated the project with UX prototyping, coupled with conducting surveys among existing Bridgeman clients. This research aimed to delve into how Figma is utilized within their current workflows and identify specific needs and preferences regarding image usage in design projects. This step was crucial in ensuring that the app's features were both relevant and user-friendly.
  • UI Design: I was responsible for the UI design of the Figma app, creating an interface that showcases a feed of curated images tailored for use in design projects. The design process involved crafting an intuitive and visually appealing app layout, making it easy for users to browse, select, and incorporate images into their Figma designs.
  • MVP Development and Feedback Loop: The rapid development of the MVP allowed us to launch and test the app with a select group of existing clients. This initial rollout was instrumental in identifying any operational issues and gathering user feedback to validate the app's concept and utility. The insights gained from this phase were invaluable for refining the app and aligning it more closely with user needs.
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The Figma app project demonstrated the power of agile UX/UI design methodologies in bringing a product from concept to market swiftly. By focusing on user-centered design principles and employing Lean UX strategies, we were able to introduce a valuable tool to the design community, enhancing Bridgeman's product offerings and reinforcing its brand presence among designers and creatives. This initiative not only expanded our reach but also opened new avenues for engagement and collaboration within the creative sector.
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