The primary goal was to develop a self-service hub for Bridgeman artists and partners, aimed at eliminating the cumbersome and time-intensive manual processes that significantly burdened customer support (CS) and account management (AM) teams with hundreds of hours of administrative tasks monthly.

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The process for Bridgeman network partners to submit their artwork to the platform was inefficient and outdated, relying solely on manual email communications with the content team. This system presented several critical issues:

  • The content team was responsible for basic indexing and keyword tagging, a process that consumed an excessive amount of administrative hours.
  • Partners were forced to inquire about their earnings and payouts through time-consuming email correspondence with customer support.
  • The asset review and approval process, conducted entirely via email, was not only inefficient but also led to disorganization and delays.
  • There was a lack of transparency regarding sales attribution, hindering partners from understanding and optimizing their content for the most effective channels.
  • Unclear eligibility criteria for potential partners resulted in lost opportunities, as many interested parties were deterred from joining the network.

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The launch of this portal has not only enhanced operational efficiency but also empowered our partners with greater control and insight into their contributions and earnings. This project stands as a testament to the power of user-centric design and strategic problem-solving in transforming business processes and partner relationships.
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